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HypoPara Life Impacts Assessment

You’re missing more than PTH with hypoparathyroidism

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Understanding your

If you have been diagnosed with HypoPara, you are living with a rare endocrine disease that is characterized by absent or low parathyroid hormone (PTH), a hormone that plays a critical role in many functions of the body.

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Impacts of
low PTH

Learn why you may experience low well-being and substantial impacts on daily living—even with normal blood calcium levels.

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Managing your

Active vitamin D and calcium are taken to address calcium levels, but you may still have an increased risk of complications despite these treatments.

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Use this tool to help communicate to your doctor how HypoPara is impacting your daily life:

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Our Mission

Hypoparathyroidism can feel isolating. That is why we created We hope that by learning more about hypoparathyroidism, you feel empowered to share this knowledge, advocate for yourself, and discuss symptoms and impacts with your doctor. is here to support the hypoparathyroidism community with HypoPara education, lifestyle tips, and useful resources for daily life.

HypoPara = hypoparathyroidism; PTH = parathyroid hormone.